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Timken Recital Hall
Graves Hall, Phillips Academy, Andover, MA
Delta Design & Construction project

Project Description

Fast track renovation and acoustical upgrade to the Timken Recital Hall. The renovation also introduces an expanded stage, new lighting, adjustable acoustical panels and window treatments, to transform the hall into an excellent acoustical and visual setting for music performance. Project was completed in 5 weeks in order to be open for the new academic year.


As an architect with high standards, I very much appreciate Delta's professionalism, teamwork and attention to the details that make a project successful. Delta's staff have consistently anticipated and solved problems, met the client's budget and schedule, and delivered a finished project that we can all be proud of .

Martha Ondras, Principal
Imai Keller Moore Architects


Phillips Academy


Imai Keller Moore Architects

Photographs By

Chris Johnson

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