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Horn Computer Center - ITSD,CITG
Babson College, Babson Park, MA
Delta Design & Construction project
Delta Design & Construction project Delta Design & Construction project Delta Design & Construction project Delta Design & Construction project

Project Description

The Babson College computer service center was an interior renovation encompassing approximately 9000sf. Due to the year round importance of the service center, the work was performed in three phases in order to maintain uninterrupted computer service operations.

Phase I consisted of 5000sf of complete gut/renovation including new mechanical systems, and significant coordination of Babson's multiple media and network requirements. As Phase I was completed Delta helped Babson coordinate the transfer of employees, equipment and services to facilitate Phase II, which consisted of 2000sf of Information Technology support office renovations Phase III involved the renovation of an existing, fully occupied office space into a new server support area.


It was a sincere pleasure to partner with Delta Design & Construction for the remodel of our IT Service Center. Their workmanship was excellent and their willingness to accommodate and work with us from beginning to end was exceptional. The professionals from Delta were totally understanding of our needs. There is an integrity at Delta. We couldn't have been happier with the results!

Dan Tonelli- Director, IT Operations
Babson College

Delta Design & Construction was hired to renovate a section of our library and computer center. The design provides a new integrated service area for information Technology which supports all of the institutions' IT, media and classroom functions. In addition, the project provides renovated space for our Curriculum Innovation Technology Group, our Speech Resource Center, and our library media storage and distribution center. The project was complex in that it occurred in the occupied and functioning library and computer center with most of the work occurring in the short window of the summer weeks to avoid impacting the academic year as much as possible. Delta did an excellent job not only implementing the work, but also coordinating with the involved clients, working around schedule conflicts and adjusting to unforeseen conditions behind walls. The space renovations have been tremendously successful and the construction process was exceedingly smooth and well coordinated by Delta.

Shelley Kaplan, Associate Vice President Facilities Management & Planning
Babson College


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